Sponsored Symposia

Thursday 5 May 2016

10:30-12:00 SS1 - Sponsored symposium 1: Bayer (room: San Francisco)

Breaking Barriers: Challenging myths and misperceptions in hormonal contraception

Chair: J. Bitzer (Switzerland)

• Welcome & introductions • J. Bitzer (Switzerland)
• Right choice, right woman • R. Nappi (Italy)
• Is age a deciding factor? • I. Wiegratz (Germany)
• Realities of COC use: Myths vs. facts • A. Black (Canada)
• IUC as a contraceptive option: Who is the right woman? • T. Peers (UK)
• Summary • J. Bitzer (Switzerland)

13:45-15:15 SS2 - Sponsored Symposium 2: TEVA (room: Montréal)

Oral contraception: #2bleedornot2bleed?

Chair: R. Nappi (Italy)

• What do doctors think? • C. Azoulay (France)
• What do women want? • C. Fiala (Austria)
• Spacing the periods: what are the potential benefits? • P. Lobo (Spain)
• Spacing the periods: what are the options ? • R. Nappi (Italy)
• Take Home messages – Conclusion • R. Nappi (Italy)

15:45-17:15 SS3 - Sponsored Symposium 3: Mithra (room: San Francisco)

Estelle®; the new contraceptive pill containing the fetal estrogen estetrol (E4)

Chairs: H.J.T. Coelingh Bennink (the Netherlands) - J.M. Foidart (Belgium)

• Estetrol: changing hormones in advancing oral contraception • L. Shulman (USA)
• Effects of estetrol in combination with drospirenone on estrogenic and haemostatic variables • K. Kluft (the Netherlands)
• Estetrol and drospirenone in oral contraception: E4 FREEDOM™ Phase 3 clinical study design • J.M. Foidart (Belgium)
• General discussion

Friday, 6 May 2016

10:30 - 12:00 SS4 - Sponsored Symposium 4: Gedeon Richter (room: San Francisco)

Newest developments in transdermal hormonal contraception

Chair: G. Sartorius ( Switzerland)

• Gestodene containing new transdermal contraceptive patch – from backstage to frontline • T. Rabe ( Germany)
• Clinical trail results with the low dose gestodene containing contraceptive patch • I. Wiegratz (Germany
• The place of the contraceptive patch in contraceptive counselling • F. Fruzetti (Italy)


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