The General Assembly

The last General Assembly (GA) of the ESC members was held in Lisbon (Portugal) on May 29, 2014. Minutes of this GA including all attachments as well as the Journal Report are now available in the Members Only part of the website. In the Members Only part you will also find the minutes of the Board Meetings.

General information about the General Assembly:

  1. The ordinary General Assembly is composed of all the ordinary and honorary members of the Society. The ordinary General Assembly will take place every two years, usually during the ESC Biennial Congress.
  2. An extraordinary General Assembly may be convened by the President within the two year period by the Board of Directors decided by a simple majority or, if necessary, upon request of one half plus one (absolute majority) of the registered members.
  3. At least two months before the date fixed for the General Assembly the Secretary-General shall send an invitation to the members of the Society by letter, fax or other means. All items that members wish to put on the agenda will be sent to the Secretary-General no less than one month prior to the date of the General Assembly. The final agenda will be sent out two weeks before the General Assembly.
  4. In order that the proceedings of the General Assembly be valid a minimum number of ordinary members must be present. The quorum is fixed at 8% of the ordinary members of the Society. It must be maintained not only at the opening of the meeting but throughout its entirety. If half an hour after the hour fixed for the beginning of the General Assembly, or if as a result of the departure of a member during the session, the quorum is no longer reached, the session will have to be adjourned.
  5. The President assisted by the members of the Executive Committee will preside over the General Assembly and give an account of the state of affairs of the Society.
  6. The Treasurer will report on the management of the funds and submit a written statement of accounts for the approval of the Assembly.
  7. The written statement of accounts will be reviewed and countersigned as a true and fair view of accounts every two years by two members of the Society from separate countries who are not Board members. The EC may ask for 2 further nominations to act as reserves, should the initial 2 members not be able to undertake the task. The time frame and process for this task is included in the Rules.
  8. Only items appearing on the agenda or added at the initiative of the President are to be discussed during the General Assembly.
  9. If necessary, upon request of one half plus one of the registered members, the President can convene an extraordinary General Assembly






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