Affiliated societies / institutions

Visit the websites of the affiliated societies / institutions by clicking on the respective links:

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Cyprus Gynaecological and Obstetrics Society 

Estonian Sexual Health Association

FHI 360

Georgian Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health

Hellenic Association of Family Planning, Contraception and Reproductive Health

Irish Association of Sexual and RH Care Professionals

Israeli Society of Contraception

London Society for Contraception and Sexual health

Latvian Contraceptology Association

Lithuanian Society of Contraception

Nederlands Genootschap van Abortusartsen

Partnership for Public Health, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pro familia Hungary 

Russian Contraception Society 

Sociedad Portuguesa da Contracepção

Society of Family Planning, USA

Societa Italiana della Contraccezione

Societa Medica Italiana per la Contraccezione

Spanish Society of Contraception

University Hospital Zurich

Vrouwenkliniek UZ Gent, Belgium




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