ESC Medals

The ESC Medal (former Congress Medal) honours outstanding national or international recognised activity in contraception, abortion, sexual or reproductive health in accordance with the aims of the Society.

The ESC Society award (former Seminar Medal) recognises outstanding organisational support and activity within the ESC itself in accordance with the aims of the Society.

2006 Medal - D. Serfaty, France
2007 Diploma - A. Webb, UK
2008 Medal - G. Creatsas, Greece
2009 Diploma - E. Aubeny, France - Introductory lecture by Anne Webb
2010 Congress Medal - J. Lippes, USA - View slideshow with presenting of medal
2011 Seminar Medal - D. Cibula, Czech Republic
2012 Congress Medal - W. Peers, Belgium
         Congress Medal - E. Diczfalusy, Sweden
2014 Congress Medal - J.-J Amy, Belgium
2015 Seminar Medal - S. Randall, UK
2016 Congress Medal - V. Prilepskaya, Russia
2017 Seminar Medal - I. Batar, Hungary
2018 ESC Medal - G. Lazdane, Latvia
2018 Society award - E. Arisi, Italy
2018 Society award - R. Beerthuizen, the Netherlands

 Randall Amy Lippes


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