9th ESC Seminar 

21/09/2007 - 21:08 - 22/09/2007 - 21:08
Bucharest, Romania

The 9th ESC Seminar "From abortion to contraception" was held in Bucharest, 21-22 September 2007.


Scientific programme and book of abstracts

Until the Bucharest Seminar the Romanian representation in the ESC was very small, and what was most important, Romanian women seeking family planning too often have to meet their needs by induced abortions. The number of induced abortions in Romania still exceeds 150 thousand per year.

The topic of the Seminar was “From abortion to contraception”. As fed back by the participants, the topic was very well chosen and attracted as many as five hundred people from all around the Europe. As was expected, the majority represent Central/Eastern European countries.

Comparing the number of participants with all previous ESC seminars (Fig.1), it is very easy to state that this was the biggest ever!

The early autumn is the traditional time for the organisation of the ESC Seminars, and Bucharest welcomed participants with nice whether and warm hospitality. The Seminar was divided into three plenary sessions and three workshops.

Figure 1


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