4th ESC Seminar - Contraception as prevention and therapy

07/11/1997 - 01:27 - 08/11/1997 - 01:27
Florence, Italy

The theme of this seminar was "Contraception as prevention and therapy".

The programme consisted of a main lecture followed by 4 round tables related to the effects of contraception on ovary, endometrium, brain and STD.

Main lecture

Contraception as a therapy: short- and long-term effects - V.Bruni

Round table 1 Contraception and ovary
  1. Hormonal contraception and ovarian pathology - P.Crosignani
  2. Hormonal contraception and androgenic status - G.Tolis
  3. Hormonal contraception and gametogenesis protection
  4. Hormonal contraception and bone mineral density - A.Volpe
  5. Consequences of lowering estrogen formulations - S.Skouby
Round table 2 Contraception and endometrium
  1. Rational approach to dysfunctional uterine bleeding and dysmenorrhea -C.Coll
  2. Endometrial hyperplasia and cancer - M.Colafranceschi
  3. Levonorgestrel IUD as therapy - D.Serfaty
  4. IUD and antigestagens as emergency contraception - A.Webb
Round table 3 Contraception and brain
  1. Brain, hormones and sexuality - R. van Lunsen
  2. Sex steroids and the brain - A.Genazzani
  3. Sex steroids and libido - M.Dei
Round table 4 Contraception and STD
  1. Adolescence and STD in Europe - J.Rademakers
  2. Contraception and STD - G.Creatsas
  3. Hormonal contraception and PID - J.Henry-Suchet
  4. IUD and PID - R.Beerthuizen

No abstracts of this seminar available.








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