4th ESC Congress - Contraception today

12/06/1996 - 15:15 - 15/06/1996 - 15:15
Barcelona, Spain

The 4th ESC congress entitled 'Contraception today' held in Barcelona provided a lot of state of the art information presented by excellent speakers in this field.

Several topics were covered in plenary sessions, keynote lectures, free communications and poster sessions.

Abstracts can be viewed in the online abstractbook.

Proceedings of this congress 

Contraception today.
Edited by C.Coll Capdevilla, L.Iglesias Cortit, and G.Creatsas.
The proceedings of the 4th Congress of the European Society of Contraception. The Parthenon Publishing Group, New York/London, 1997 ISBN 1-85070-767-7

Programme overview
Contraception and health in Europe
  • Benefits of family planning - G. Benagiano
Oral contraception
  • Clinical overview of hormonal contraception with special emphasis on long-term effects - P.G.Crosignani
Biochemical aspects of hormonal contraception
  • Biochemical aspects of hormonal contraception: effects on bone metabolism - A.Volpe
  • Effects of sex steroid hormones on the neuroendocrine system - A.Genazzani
Non-oral contraception
  • Long-term experience of a levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system - V.Odlind
Postcoital contraception
  • Hormonal postcoital contraception - A.Kubba
  • Gestagens, danazol and antiprogestogen in emergency contraception - A.Webb
Natural contraception
  • Rhythm methods and devices - G.Freundl
  • Postpartum contraception: the lactational amenorrhea method - M.Vekemans
  • Fertility awareness and natural family planning - C.Pyper
  • Teaching natural contraception - F.Soler
Intrauterine contraception
  • Importance of intrauterine contraception - H. van Kets
  • Mechanism of action of intrauterine devices - B.Rojnik
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease in intrauterine device users - R.Beerthuizen
  • The new generation of copper intrauterine devices - F.Martinez
  • Post-abortal IUD insertion: the challenge to minimize expulsion - I.Batar
  • Misconceptions about intrauterine devices - D.Wildemeersch
Barrier methods
  • Contraceptive barrier methods: new developments - E.Hassan
  • Female condoms - W.Bounds
  • Lea® Contraceptivum: a new concept in female barrier contraception - H.Salzer
Abortion in Europe
  • Methods of abortion in Europe during the first trimester of pregnancy -E.Aubény
  • Post-abortion contraceptive counselling, a matter of attitudes - R.van Lunsen
  • Trying to prevent abortion - D.Bromham
Central and Eastern Europe
  • How to handle repeat aborters? - B.Rojnik
Contraception in adolescence and perimenopause
  • Contraceptive options for adolescents - G.Creatsas
  • Risks and benefits of adolescent contraception - S.Dexeus
  • Hazards in perimenopausal contraception - H.Schneider
Male contraception
  • No-scalpel technique for vasectomy - M.Filshie
  • No scalpel vasectomy: European experience - J.Viladoms i Fuster
  • Cancer and other risks of vasectomy - A.Alcaraz
STD prevention in contraceptive centers
  • Chlamydia trachomatis detection: sensitivity, specificity and cost of testing - J.Orfila
  • Chlamydia trachomatis screening in family planning centers: a review of cost/benefit evaluations in different countries - J.Henry-Suchet
  • Sexually transmitted disease screening in Eastern European family planning - G.Lazdane

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