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08/10/2001 - 21:51
"Why are teenagers still getting pregnant?". This is the question that those of us who are involved with adolescents regularly put to ourselves. This VI th Seminar of the ESC offers us an...
Coimbra, Portugal
28/06/2000 - 01:02
The title of the 6th ESC Congress "Contraception in the Third Millennium. A (r)evolution in reproductive and sexual health" reflects the important role that the ESC has, and will have, for...
Ljubljana, Slovenia
01/10/1999 - 13:01
The theme of the 5th ESC Seminar "What about boys and men" emphasizes the important role that also boys and men have in sexual relations.  During this seminar this topic will...
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
17/06/1998 - 00:45
The 5th ESC Congress, attended by more than 1000 participants, was a scientific and social success and illustrated the fact that contraceptive healthcare is a field where progress is only possible...
Prague, Czech Republic
07/11/1997 - 01:27
The theme of this seminar was "Contraception as prevention and therapy". The programme consisted of a main lecture followed by 4 round tables related to the effects of contraception on...
Florence, Italy
12/06/1996 - 15:15
The 4th ESC congress entitled 'Contraception today' held in Barcelona provided a lot of state of the art information presented by excellent speakers in this field. Several topics were covered in...
Barcelona, Spain

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