Educational materials

The following educational materials are available for you to download from the Your Life website:

Downloadable Materials For Parents

  • Common parent-child challenges
  • How to talk to your child about contraception
  • Why you should talk to your child about contraception

Downloadable Materials For Teachers
Educational workshops preparation:

  • Preparation 1: Contraception education - Why should it be done
  • Preparation 2: How to answer students questions
  • Preparation 3: Workshop guidance and materials

Supporting materials for educational workshops:

  • Workshop Planning Guidance
  • Workshop 1: Sexuality Instructions (45 minutes)
  • Workshop 2: Contraceptive Methods and Instructions (45 minutes each, incl. quizzes and homework assignment)
  • Workshop 2: Quiz A
  • Workshop 2: Quiz B
  • Workshop 2: Homework Assignment
  • Workshop 2: Solutions to Contraceptive Quiz

Teen Outreach Pack

The ‘Teen Outreach Pack’ has been developed to help support the aims of World Contraception Day (WCD) - a global campaign, targeting 15 - 19 year olds - which encourages young people to take responsibility for contraception to prevent an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection (STI).
It is a resource for planning and running educational sessions on contraception for teenagers, and it includes the following materials:

  1. 'How to' guide
  2. Contraception presentation
  3. Case study discussion cards x3
  4. Contraception Compendium - Your Guide To Contraception
  5. Crossword puzzles
  6. Certificate

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Which abortion method do you use for second trimester induced abortion?
Medical Mifepristone and misoprostol
Medical misoprostol alone
Surgical (D&E)
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