7th ESC Seminar

The 7th ESC Seminar, "Contraceptive practice in Europe: differences in availability and accessibility" was held in Budapest, 12-13 September 2003.

You will also find here 5 presentations in Hungarian language!

Contraceptives in Europe, accessibility and availability (994kB) - Lech M, Poland 

Should OC be OTC? (467kB) - A.Yeshaya, Israel 

What about men? (82,5kB) - Savelieva I, Russia 

Community based services (134,5kB) - Ozalp S, Turkey 

Abortions in Europe, accessibility and availability (575,5kB) - Pinter B, Slovenia

Characteristics and history of women having repeat abortions (306,5kB) - Savelieva I, Russia 

Medical abortions at home? (336,5kB) - E.Aubény, France 

Emergency contraception in Europe, accessibility and availability (123kB) - E.Aubény, France 

Reduction of abortions following emergency contraception? (188kB) - Apter D, Finland 

Prevalence, accessibility and availability of IUD in Hungary (838kB) - Batár I, Hungary 

Emergency contraception in Hungary (225,5kB) - Bartfai G, Hungary 

Strategies used to enhance acceptability of emergency contraception (45,5kB) - Lech M, Poland 

STI testing in Europe,  accessibility and availability (306kB) - Sziller I, Hungary 

The advantages of a fully integrated service (2,245mB) - Bigrigg A, United Kingdom 

Should STI testing be available at the same time as emergency contraception? (345kB) - Webb A, United Kingdom 

Emergency contraception: the Hungarian experience (608kB) - Veszprémi B, Hungary


Prevalence of contraceptive methods in Hungary  (263kB) - Kamaras F, Hungary 

Emergency contraception: the Hungarian experience (808kB) - Veszprémi B, Hungary 

Extended use of oral hormonal contraception: contraceptive and non-contraceptive benefits (142kB) - Keresztúri A, Hungary 

Preventive measures, STI and the popularity of condom use among Hungarian couples (324kB) - Mészáros Gy, Hungary 

Cost of contraception and abortion in Hungary (1,107mB) - Berbik I, Hungary


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