Award winners

During the Closing Ceremony of the 15th ESC Congress "Family planning and contraception from adolescence to the menopause;" on Saturday 12 May 2018 at Budapest the award winners were announced. Both posters and free communications were of an outstanding quality and therefore it was decided to present 2 free communication awards.

Free communication award winners
  • Developing a contraceptive counselling online learning course
    Sinead Cook (a), Paula Baraitser (b), Nicola Morgan (c), Sarah Randall
    (a) Cardiff and Vale NHS, Cardiff, United Kingdom; (b) Kings College Hospital, London, United Kingdom; (c) Barnstaple Health Centre, Barnstaple, United Kingdom
  • Assessment of sexual-reproductive health in women with severe-moderate psychiatric pathology
    Marıa Antonia Obiol (a), Jose C. Quılez Conde (b), Manuel Lozano (c), Paloma Lobo, Jose Maria Ramada (d), Adina Iftimi (c), Jose Ramon Serrano (e), Roberto Lertxundi (f)
    (a) Hospital Universitario Dr Peset., Valencia, Spain; (b) Universitary hospital of Basurto, Bilbao, Spain; (c) Universidad de Valencia, Valencia, Spain; (d) Institut Hospitald Investigacions Mediques (IMIM), Barcelona, Spain; (e) Hospital Alto Deba, Mondragon, Spain; (f) Clinica Euskalduna, Bilbao, Spain
Young scientist award winner 

Implementing a venous thromboembolism risk assessment in an abortion service
Frederica von Hawrylak
University Hospital Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

Poster award winner

Long-acting reversible contraception free-of-charge – who chooses it?
Tuire Saloranta (a), Frida Gyllenberg (b), Oskari Heikinheimo (b)
(a) University of Helsinki, Department of General Practice and Primary Healthcare, Espoo, Finland; (b) University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Public Poster chosen by delegates

Study of prescription and adherence to the extended regimen (flexible) in Basque country. Euskoflex study
Jose C. Quılez Conde, Roberto Lertxundi, Jose Ramon Serrano, Eduardo Lopez Arregui
Bilbao and Mondragon, Spain


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