International Consortium for Male Contraception (ICMC)

11/04/2014 - 16:54

Under the auspices of the Francophone Society of Contraception (SFC) the ICMC was created on September 13, 2013. The ICMC is a network dedicated to all the medical and socio-cultural aspects of male contraception: current and future, hormonal and non-hormonal, medical and surgical. It is open to all those interested.

The aim is to create an international network focusing on male contraception, which has been sidelined until now in the modern contraceptive revolution, and then to actively promote this type of contraception. 

The first 55 ICMC members are the ICMC founding members. This number was reached on April 10, 2014. They are coming from 31 countries. The first meeting of ICMC members will take place in Lisbon, during the 13th Congress of ESC (28-31 May 2014).

Dr. David Serfaty is the Coordinator of the ICMC. He is president of the Francophone Society of Contraception and honorary president of the European Society of Contraception.

Interested in joining the ICMC: mail to:


Dr. Joseph ABBOUD (Lebanon)
Pr. Jean- Jacques AMY (Belgium)
Pr. Dan APTER (Finland)
Dr. Rob BEERTHUIZEN (Netherlands)
Pr. Johannes BITZER (Switzerland)
Pr. Diana BLITHE (USA)
Dr. Teresa BOMBAS (Portugal)
Pr. Philippe BOUCHARD (France)
Pr. M'Hamed BOUZEKRINI (Algeria)
Pr. William BREMNER (USA)
Pr. Mark BRINCAT (Malta)
Pr. Hela CHELLI (Tunisia)
Dr. Blandine THIÉBA - BONANE (Burkina Faso)
Dr. René DREYFUS (France)
Pr. Jean-Michel FOIDART (Belgium)
Pr. Ulysse GASPARD (Belgium)
Pr. Kristina GEMZELL-DANIELSSON (Sweden)
Pr. Andrea GENAZZANI (Italy)
Dr. Benjamin GUIFO-TAGNÉ(Cameroon)
Dr. Edith GUILBERT (Canada)
Dr. Nguyen Duc HINH (Vietnam)
Pr. Yolande HYJAZI (Guinea)
Dr. Nelly HOMASSON (France)
Pr. Philippe JUDLIN (France)
Pr. Ali KUBBA (UK)
Pr. Michel LABRECQUE (Canada)
Dr. Jean LAUNAY (France)
Dr. Pascale LECOCQ (France)
Pr. Luis Ignacio LETE LASA (Spain)
Dr. Elaine LISSNER (USA)
Pr. Martin MATZUK (USA)
Dr. Marie MAYER (France)
Pr. Cristina MERIGGIOLA (Italy)
Pr. Gabriele MERKI (Switzerland)
Pr. Dirk MICHIELSEN (Belgium)
Pr. Roger MIEUSSET(France)
Dr. Jean- Charles MOREAU (Senegal)
Pr. Madi NAYAMA (Nigeria)
Pr. Eberhard NIESCHLAG (Germany)
Pr  Christmas OGOWET IGUMU (Gabon)
Dr. Clara PELISSIER (France)
Pr. René Xavier PERRIN (Benin)
Pr. Amadou Kane RACINE (Mauritania)
Pr. Katarina SEDLEKI (Serbia)
Dr. David SERFATY (France)
Pr. Tommaso SIMONCINI (Italy)
Dr. Regine SITRUK -WARE (Population Council, USA)
Pr. Sven Olaf SKOUBY (Denmark)
Dr. David SOKAL (United Kingdom)
Pr. Jean-Claude SOUFIR (France)
Dr. Blandine THIÉBA - BONANE (Burkina Faso)
Dr. Mamadou TRAORE (Mali)
Pr. Christina WANG (USA)
Pr. Christine WELFFENS - EKRA (Ivory Coast)
Pr. Mohammed YACOUBI (Morocco)


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