ESC granted projects 2016

10/02/2017 - 14:04

We are pleased to announce the following projects were awarded with an ESC grant:

  • Contraceptive counselling training for clinicians everywhere! Development and delivery of a free ‘Massive Open Access Online Course’ (MOOC) for health professionals. -Paula Baraitser (UK)
  • Larc Forward Counselling. To test this we have designed a cluster randomized control trial. -Niklas Envall (Sweden)
  • The relationship between the use of hormonal contraceptives, the composition of the vaginal microbiota, and the risk to acquire Chlamydia infection among women. -Amy Matser (the Netherlands)
  • Is there a stigma for working on abortion field? The care provider’s perspective. -Teresa Bombas (Portugal)
  • Perceptions and attitudes on reproductive health and contraception in obese teenagers. -LauraTrandafir (Romania)
  • Exploring the feasibility of providing immediate postpartum contraception with copper intrauterine devices in Gwagwalada Area Nigeria. -Babalunde Gbolade (UK)

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