Expert groups

Expert groups were established to search for new developments in certain areas. They are responsible for preparing a progress report in their field annually, which is published in our journal or on the website.

Expert Group on Sexual Medicine and Sex Education
  • T. Bombas (Portugal)
  • L. Erofeeva (Russia)
  • A. Kapamadzija (Serbia)
  • O. Loeber (the Netherlands)
  • F. Mehmedovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • H. Missey-Kolb (France)
Expert Group on STI
  • P. Baraitser, (United Kingdom)
  • E. Deligeoroglou (Greece)
  • B. Frey Tirri (Switzerland)
  • M. Merckx (Belgium)
  • S. Reuter (United Kingdom)
  • P. Vieira-Baptista (Portugal)
Expert Group on Abortion
  • S. Agatone (Italy)
  • S. Cameron (United Kingdom)
  • C. Fiala (Austria)
  • K. Gemzell Danielsson (Sweden)
  • S. Rowlands (United Kingdom)
  • V. Stepanic (Croatia)
  • A. Verougstraete (Belgium)
Expert Group on Future of Hormonal and Molecular Contraception
  • D. Archer (USA)
  • A. Ber (Israel)
  • A. Cagnacci (Italy)
  • A. Gompel (France) 
  • M. Kattakhodjaeva (Uzbekistan)
  • I.M. Ramirez Polo (Spain)
Expert Group on Non-hormonal methods of Contraception
  • R. Beerthuizen (the Netherlands)
  • I. Blidaru (Romania)
  • D. Lazaris (Greece)
  • E. Lopez Arregui (Spain)
  • P. Patroclou (Cyprus)
  • K. Sedlecky (Serbia)
  • J. Trussell (USA)



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