Expert groups

Expert groups were established to search for new developments in certain areas. They are responsible for preparing a progress report in their field annually, which is published in our journal or on the website.

Expert Group on Sexual Medicine and Sex Education
  • T. Bombas (Portugal)
  • L. Erofeeva (Russia)
  • A. Kapamadzija (Serbia)
  • O. Loeber (the Netherlands)
  • F. Mehmedovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • H. Missey-Kolb (France)

The Expert group on Sexual Medicine and Sex Education created a web library on sexuality education: The aim of this web library is to provide background information and educational tools to professionals working in the field of sexual health promotion. It is designed to support best practice and contains a variety of international resources.

Expert Group on STI
  • P. Baraitser, (United Kingdom)
  • E. Deligeoroglou (Greece)
  • B. Frey Tirri (Switzerland)
  • M. Merckx (Belgium)
  • S. Reuter (United Kingdom)
  • P. Vieira-Baptista (Portugal)
Expert Group on Abortion
  • S. Agatone (Italy)
  • S. Cameron (United Kingdom)
  • C. Fiala (Austria)
  • K. Gemzell Danielsson (Sweden)
  • S. Rowlands (United Kingdom)
  • V. Stepanic (Croatia)
  • A. Verougstraete (Belgium)
Expert Group on Future of Hormonal and Molecular Contraception
  • D. Archer (USA)
  • A. Ber (Israel)
  • A. Cagnacci (Italy)
  • A. Gompel (France) 
  • M. Kattakhodjaeva (Uzbekistan)
  • I.M. Ramirez Polo (Spain)
Expert Group on Non-hormonal methods of Contraception
  • R. Beerthuizen (the Netherlands)
  • I. Blidaru (Romania)
  • D. Lazaris (Greece)
  • E. Lopez Arregui (Spain)
  • P. Patroclou (Cyprus)
  • K. Sedlecky (Serbia)
  • J. Trussell (USA)

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