• Each European country may have representation on the Board of Directors, if there are ordinary members from that country.
  • The Board of Directors shall meet at least once every two years, on the occasion of the General Assembly, by invitation of the President, or at the request of a quarter of its members.
  • The minimum number of paid up members required to enable the first and second representative to be elected is detailed in the Rules. No country may have more than two elected representatives.
  • Board Members can only be elected by ordinary members of the ESC, nationals of the same country as the Board Member concerned.
  • Candidates standing for election to the Board and voters must be fully paid-up members of the society.
  • Simple majority with a secret ballot elects these Board members for four years.
  • Terms of reference, election process and duties and responsibilities of Board members are included in the Rules as is a definition of simple majority voting.
  • The quorum is 25% ie a quarter of the Board of Directors must be present for the meeting to be valid.
  • The methods of voting used at Board of Director meetings are described in the Rules.
  • Any member of the Board of Directors who, without permission from the Executive Committee, or any justification, has not attended two consecutive meetings will be considered as having resigned.

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