The Board of Directors consists of 1 or 2 members elected by the membership of European countries who have 10 or 50 members respectively.

Executive Committee

The members of the Board of Directors elect, from amongst its members, a working body called the “Executive Committee”.

Internal Scientific Committee

The Internal Scientific Committee serves as a body responsible for all scientific activities of the ESC. The main responsibilities of the ISC are to identify candidates for the ESC award, to select candidates for supported projects and follow-up of granted projects, to advise on scientific programmes and projects, and recommend new members for expert groups.

Expert groups

Expert groups are groups of internationally recognized experts in different fields of contraception and reproductive health. Currently established groups:

  • Expert Group on Sexual and reproductive health and education
  • Expert Group on STI
  • Expert Group on Abortion
  • Expert Group on Hormonal contraception
  • Expert Group on Non-hormonal methods of contraception
Editorial team

The Journal is managed by an Editorial team consisting of an Editor-in-Chief (EiC), a Deputy Editor-in-Chief and up to 6 Editors. They are supported by an Editorial Board.

Website committee

The website committee members initiate news items, launch topics to be discussed in fora, advise about topics to be kept in the archive, advise about non-ESC events to be announced on the website.


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