13th ESC Seminar

The 13th ESC Seminar "Reproductive choice: empowering progress against stereotypes" was held in Saint Petersburg, 13-15 September 2017

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WHO workshop

Plenary session 1: Contraceptive methods and its role in prevention of unwanted pregnancy and abortions

Plenary session 2: Sexuality and contraception

Plenary session 3: Round table: Contraception among 'special' groups of women

Medical conditions:

Plenary session 4: ESC teaching tool session on IUDs

New highlights in Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive use (2015) M. Festin (WHO)

Plenary session 5: Workshop on counseling of women in contraception
Moderators: N. Podzolkova (Russia), V. Korennaya (Russia), Y. Koloda (Russia)

Plenary session 6: Round table: Side effects management within hormonal contraceptive use

  • Fear for side effects of COC use V. Prilepskaya (Russia)
  • Method Mix and life cycle of a woman S. Skouby (Denmark)
  • Common reasons for hormonal contraception use failure G. Bartfai (Hungary)
  • The Russian context S. Rogovskaya (Russia)

Plenary session 8: Modern demographic challenges

Prevention of STI’s, HIV and HPV vaccinations, herpes and Chlamydia treatment Regional data - What should be improved



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