International or national European organisations with similar or related aims or institutions may apply for affiliation to the ESC. Members of affiliated societies or institutions shall pay a 50 percent reduced yearly fee (suggested by the EC, approved by the Board). Those organisations or institutions seeking affiliation must submit an application in writing to the Secretary General. The Board shall ratify the final affiliation. This decision shall be followed by a signed contract including rights and duties of members of affiliated societies or institutions. The Central Office of the ESC shall receive a complete list of members including email and postal addresses from the affiliated Society or Institution. Members of affiliated societies or institutions have the same rights as other ESC members including voting rights. There are no special obligations for your society, except that the membership fees must be collected by your secretariat and paid in bulk to the ESC, together with contact details (name, address and email) of the members and you must have a minimum of 10 members in the group.

Members of affiliated societies are entitled to:

  1. receive online acces to the Journal of the ESC
  2. receive an electronic form of the Newsletter
  3. receive information about seminars, congresses and other meetings organised or supported by the ESC
  4. free attendance at ESC seminars
  5. preferential registration rate at ESC congresses

Affiliated societies or institutions will:

  1. inform the Secretary of the Central Office of any change of address
  2. pay a yearly subscription

To join as an affiliate member you must contact the affiliated society or institution and complete the membership and payment through them.


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