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The ESC will provide funding to support an individual, group, institute or organisation with a project that has a scientific basis with a described relevant outcome(s) and is related to the aims of the ESC. Examples include: research into methods or provision of contraception, sexual and reproductive health; validated questionnaires to understand uptake or utlization of a method or procedure; or needs assessment withing a community or locale. The money must be used for a definite project within a definite time period and with specified outcome measures. Applicants must be paid up ESC European members with their membership paid within a European country. However, a European applicant is allowed to submit a scientific project that will take place outside Europe.  

Applications (First half year 2017)

A maximum of 10,000 euro per scientific project application can be requested. The ESC may not be in a position to fully fund approved applications. 

Deadline: applications must be received at ESC Central Office by 30 June 2017.

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